ラッキーボーイ (MOD, Unlimited Money) v3.3.0

The latest version of ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム MOD APK (Unlimited money), You can Download ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム MOD a lot of money directly on androidiapk.com. Over users rating a average of 10.0 by 308 users about ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム App download. More than 10,000+ is playing this app/game right now.

Additional Information Of ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム For Android
Category: Casual
Compatible with: Android 5.0+
Latest Version: 1.5.0
Price: Free
Author: Androidiapk
Size: 49.62 MB
Downloads: 10,000+
Get it on: Google Play
Updated: 2020-07-01
MOD: Yes

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What’s New:

  • Added New Version
  • New Levels added
  • Bug fix (ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム)
  • Unlimited money added
  • Downloading link working fast

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ラッキーボーイ -脱出ゲーム (MOD, Unlimited Money) 1.5.0 For android







「あと10円足りない」 – 自販機でジュースを買う時
「たまごの中身は?」 – 朝食作りに起こるミラクル
「ゼリー争奪バトル」 – 余った給食のゼリーを巡る戦い
「トイレの神様」 – 腹痛のときにトイレが混んでいる
「ゲームおねだり」 – 最新ゲームを買ってほしい
「幸せの四葉さがし」 – 春先のクローバーガーデンにて
「雨ときどき傘忘れ」 – 傘を忘れた女子と男子
「雨上がりにご注意」 – 道路沿いには水溜まり
「モーニンGOODな占い」 – 登校前に見ちゃう朝の番組
「マンガの続きが読みたい」 – 人気マンガ本の続きをレンタルしたい
「アイスの当たり」 – 夏休み。暑い日はもう一本食べたい
「ホームランボール」 – 野球観戦。ボールキャッチできたなら
「ここほれワンワン」 – スコップで発掘、庭からお宝のにおい
「学校に行く?」 – 家を出る前の一コマ
「全力かけこみバス」 – 今にも発進しそうなバスにかけこめ
「流れ星みっけ」 – 静かな夜の森。ソロキャンプ中の奇跡
「うわさのクレープ屋」 – クレープ求めて行列に並ぶけど
「大物釣り大会」 – 深海で泳ぐ幻の魚を釣り上げよう
「まだまだ食べたい」 – 食べたりないし、屋台の食べ物は高い
「ルール無用の徒競走」 – 手を抜かないウサギにカメが挑む
「お刺身天国」 – 今日はおすし。タイムセールでお刺身ゲット
「運命のお年玉ゲーム」 – おじいちゃんと孫の対決
「はらぺこ吸血鬼」 – 弱すぎるヴァンパイアが民家に潜入
「斧を落としただけなのに」 – ある意味正直なきこり
「イロモノ借り物競争」 – 難題なお題の数々
Ice hit sticks, mom’s begging games, desserts with extra lunch
The school was closed due to a typhoon, two egg yolks, a four-leaf clover, and shooting stars.

I am delighted to pick up 10 yen! Happy with a little lucky
A simple boy who feels unhappy with a little surprise.

Avoid pinches and turn them into opportunities
Let’s rescue the unreliable protagonist by solving a mystery.
(* Be careful not to play too much! Don’t skip the company or school!)

● How to play
-Tap the screen to do various things.
・I sometimes get items.
-Items can be used by dragging and dropping.

There is no one in class.
A “loose escape” game that attracts the air of the brother apps “Ikeboy” and “Shyboy”.

●Recommended points
・It’s completely free and easy, so children can rest assured. Recommended for moms as parents and children!
・Play with boys and girls with your school friends! , Play with your family and create a topic!
・Because it is full of everyday “something” elements, it can be used as a topic for school!
・Introducing various creatures and animals such as dogs, cats, birds, fish! For those who are seeking healing ◎
・Because it is a moderate difficulty, it is also good for brain training
・People who are not good at escape games can also enjoy it!
・A simple puzzle game where you can easily escape and bring back a little nostalgic memory.

● Stage introduction
“I don’t have enough 10 yen”-When buying juice at a vending machine
“What’s inside an egg?”-Miracles that occur during breakfast
“Jelly competition battle”-battle for excess jelly
“Toilet God”-The toilet is crowded when you have a stomachache
“Game begging”-I want you to buy the latest game
“Searching for Happy Four Leaves”-At the Clover Garden in early spring
“Forget the umbrella sometimes in the rain”-Girls and boys who forget their umbrella
“Be careful after the rain”-A puddle along the road
“Morning GOOD fortune telling”-a morning show you will see before going to school
“I want to read the sequel to manga”-I want to rent a sequel to a popular manga book
“Ice hit”-summer vacation. I want to eat another one on a hot day
“Home run ball”-watching baseball. If you can catch the ball
“Kokohore Wan Wan”-Excavated with scoop, smell of treasure from the garden
“Go to school?”-One time before leaving home
“Full-fledged rush bus”-rush into a bus that is about to start
“Making shooting stars”-A quiet night forest. Miracles during a solo camp
“Rumor Crepe Shop”-In line for crepes
“Big game fishing competition”-Let’s catch the phantom fish swimming in the deep sea
“I still want to eat”-I don’t eat and the food at the stalls is expensive
“Rule-free race”-Turtles challenge untouched rabbits
“Sashimi Heaven”-Sushi today. Get sashimi at time sale
“Fate of the New Year” game-Grandpa and grandson showdown
“Harapeko Vampire”-Too weak Vampire sneaks into a private house
“I just dropped my ax”-in a sense an honest logger
“Iromono borrowing competition”-many difficult challenges
第2話 – 雨ときどき相合傘
(前:雨ときどき傘忘れ → 今:雨ときどき相合傘)

第7話 – 幸せの四葉さがし

第15話 – 全力かけこみバス

第19話 – まだまだ食べたい

第20話 – ルール無用の徒競走

第22話 – 運命のお年玉ゲーム

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